Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 2

Good Evening everyone. Check out our house on this site. It's great.


Today was a great day. I got to work and sold a vehicle. That rocks!!!
Once I got home Kerry the kids and I had dinner. Just after dinner our Friends Ian and George came over to help put the house back together before the taping tomorrow. We moved the majority of the furniture back into the house without even putting a scratch on the floors. We will be starting the YouTube video shortly and that will be edited and put up on that site too. I will create a link to that site soon.

We will be starting the video and then taping some cleaning for the camera crew for tomorrow morning. We are exhausted at this whole endeavor. I don't know how much sleep we will get tonight though. Probably not much.

I will post some more pictures shortly on the progress in the home. Until then keep in mind the OPEN HOUSE AND GARAGE SALE ON THE 11TH OF NOVEMBER FROM 12-5PM. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!


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