Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 3

Howdy everyone,

Well we had great success with the film crew on Wednesday. They were here all day and it was really a lot of fun. Kerry and Lauren were great, Lindsay was good too but she is pretty much unaware of what is going on.

Here are a couple of pictures of our family so you can see what we look like now.

Don't forget about the OPEN HOUSE AND GARAGE SALE ON SUNDAY FROM 12-5pm. Make sure you make it here. It will be a lot of fun and who knows maybe you will buy your dream house.

Michigan Blinds will be here today to put some blinds in the Master Bathroom, Kitchen and the Dining room area. Tom is a member of the SUnrise Networking Group also and has chosen to donate his time and materials to help us sell our home.

I would have to say that with a community like we have here why wouldn't anyone want to live here. Just looking how people will step up and help a family like ours, who aren't really having a tremendously hard time, is really a portrait of how strong they are both in business and personally. I really thank everyone since we really didn't expect this at all. I know everyone is aware that we need to sell this home, But to step up to the plate and complete these things for us pro bono will never be forgotten. I want to thank TERESA at ULTRA FLOORS and her crew including Stefan, TOM at MICHIGAN BLINDS and THE ORIGINAL HAGOPIAN for cleaning our carpets and rugs. I recommend them since they are the best and most timely service I have experienced in Michigan.

I hope these links work out for you as I have tried to get them to you several times and they never ended up getting on the page due to errors on my part. I will try again.

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